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About Us

      Established in 2001, Beijing Kaloon Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. is specialized in delivering industrial solutions . The on-line analysis system products (known as the sample conditioning system) of process gas are far ahead in technology, which have won an outstanding international and domestic reputation as well as widespread praise from users. Kaloon Company headquarters in Beijing, has two R&D centers (Beijing and Shenyang), seven technology service centers (Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Kunming, Yinchuan, Jingbian), overseas offices and partners are located in Miami USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Dubai, etc., and have a comprehensive business of research and development, production, sales and services, maintenance. The sales value is about 32 million dollars in 2017.
      Kaloon technology development department and factory are located in Jinqiao Technology Industrial Base, Tongzhou Park, Zhongguancun Technology Park, to design and produce a series of sample pretreatment components and gas analysis systems. Kaloon has successfully resolved technical solutions for customers and produced more than 3000 sets of corresponding systems. The analysis systems can not only match with magnetic oxygen, infrared, ultraviolet, thermal conductivity analyzers, but also can be equipped with industrial gas chromatograph and spectrograph, mass spectrometer, the optical instruments for oil of water for on-line analysis, which are widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, power plants, building materials, environmental protection, and many other fields. We have exported the products to more than 40 countries and regions, Such as the US, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico , Ethiopia, and so on , ahead of the domestic industry.
      With strong technical strength and successful experience, Kaloon provides a variety of different types of gas analysis system solutions based on actual working conditions and requirements. At the same time we integrate the general /explosion-proof analyzer cabinets (annual capacity is more than 1500 sets) and analyzer houses (annual production /assembly capacity is more than 200 sets) according to the customer requirements. 
      Kaloon’s business involves a great deal of industries. Petrochemical industry: the process of refining hydrogenation, catalysis of flue gas, reforming, the process technical solutions is from the olefins to polymers, for example, gas component analysis of ethylene , trimerization, adipic acid, glycol, PX, styrene units, etc.; Chemical industry: analysis of coal-water slurry gasification, gas component analysis of methanol, ammonia synthesis, acetic acid units and so on. Iron and steel industry: coal dust preparation, gas analysis of blast furnace, converter, coke oven and chemical product analysis, gas analysis solutions of RH steelmaking, rolling, heat treatment, Mg powder desulfurization and slag-off equipment. Gas industry: air cryogenic separation, PSA gas analysis. Cement industry: high temperature and medium temperature gas analysis of dry-process kiln. Environmental protection industry: such as the CEMS, besides the above traditional industries kaloon also focus on the new industries like engine test, VOC systems.
      Although Kaloon’s analysis systems have won an extraordinary international and domestic reputation today, and Kaloon has always been at the forefront of technology areas, we still tirelessly commit ourselves to on-line analysis system development and practice. Meanwhile, we always attach importance to regular communication with users, and strive to provide professional service.
      Kaloon Company is your genuine partner. We will always be with you providing services from technical consulting to project planning, system installation to after-sales service.