Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation

The First Localization Gas Analysis System of Iron Mill BFG

Our company has established 1# , 2# , 3#  and 4# blast furnaces for Anshan company’s iron mill since 2001, to measure and control H2, CH4,CO and CO2 of BFG. The configured pretreatment systems were designed by our company. Because the process analysis needs to be continuous, the gases contain high dust content, the sampling points are difficult to select, the pretreatment of sample gas is not easy. Our company designed the corresponding product to solve the problems above. The blast furnace has been running well since 2002 when it’s put into operation. The system don’t need maintaince and meets the production requirements of blast furnace, meanwhile all the users are satisfied.

Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Analysis of LDG in Steel Plant

Anshan iron and steel group company established six sets of converter coal gas recovery system in 2000, which was the first domestic project of our company. Oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide analyzers were imported according to customer requirement. Using “dry process” to sampling, then pass the sample gases to the gas recovery processing device (cooling, dedusting, pressure boost, recycling or discharge with gas conditioning system). After all these procedures the gases are purified and could be analyzed. When the CO concentration of gases is 40% or above, automatic control system of the recovery device will start to collect the LDG to the store cabinet. If O2 concentration exceeded 2% during this process, the alarm will show the hints of explosion. Recycling could be stopped if necessary. CO2 gas content is for reference only, in order to make further detect the gas conditions. When the furnace body for pouring steel is lean, the analysis can stop. To sum up, the role of LDG analysis recovery device in converter is on-line monitoring coal quality, decision-making of recovery and transportation safety.