Liaoyang Chemical Factory

EG/ EO On-line Analysis Device of Petrochemical Industry

At present there are only 11 sets of epoxy ethane/ glycol (EO/ EG) production line in petrochemical industry at home. Analysis instruments of EO/ EG made in china are very few. The fatalness of EO/ EG equipment is the highest among all the chemical equipments. O2 critical value process is often used in foreign advanced production process, process control and chain involves reaction caldron O2 content analysis and chromatographic analysis. Especially, sampling points must use online closed-circuit sampling, the demand for sample pretreatment is very high, safety is the first. Our company provided a complete analysis equipment, which  adopted the technology of the American dupont,  for Liaoyang petrochemical company’ 20 tons/year epoxy ethane/ glycol device.