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Products Presentation

Products Presentation

In China, the application reliability of online gas analysis system has been improved rapidly, along with raising the level of system technology. So the analysis system plays a more and more important role in online industrial inspection and process control optimization.

Beijing Kaloon has been working on the design, manufacturing, applied research of online gas analysis and detection system since its establishment, and has developed a large number of high-reliable online analysis system. Many systems filled the domestic gaps of similar products for long-term reliable applications; contributed to the Chinese industry development.

These years, during the company‘s development process, we formed a complete set of design, manufacturing, research and development, application service and quality management system. And it’s becoming the company’s core competence gradually.

Typical product application

Metallurgy Industry: online gas analysis systems and ancillary process equipments for iron and steel smelting, coking, non-ferrous metal smelting.

Chemical Industry: online gas analysis systems for chlor-alkali chemical industry, calcium carbide, ammonia synthesis, coal chemical, fluoro-chemical, etc.

Gas Industry: online gas analysis systems for cryogenic air separation, gas purification and preparation by pressure swing adsorption, electrolytic hydrogen production, etc.

Petrochemical Industry: online gas analysis systems for pyrolysis furnace, catalytic cracking, hydrogenation, reforming, ketones alcohol synthesis, granular transport, etc.

Building Materials Industry: online gas analysis systems for dry process cement, wet kiln cement.

Environmental Protection Industry: online gas analysis systems for desulfurization and denitrification by ammonia method, lime desulfurization, waste incineration and landfill, etc.