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KCR-4Series Analysis Systems of Regeneration Flue Gas

This system is used for outlet oxygen, carbon dioxide content analysis when produce regenerate flue gas by catalyst coke burnning. This kind of systems have lots of problems for a long period because of the special composition of flue gas, such as  high maintain frequency, high cost and low successful run rate.  The first set of system that run rate is very high was developed by joint efforts of our company, design institute and users. The systems have been improved a lot to apply in various unusual situations, could be long-term reliably running. Our company fundamentally solved the problems,  provided the continuous and accurate data for process control.

Working Principles

The flue gas go through the former filter with swept function, then to a secondary filter, pressure reducer and dehydrator, eventually reach the analyzers. The carbon monoxide of sample gas is measured by infrared analyzer while the oxygen content is measured by magnetic oxygen analyzer.